Collage of control

 This combination of bump stops and shock absorbers has been created to improve the handling and ride for a fleet of ambulances.


     Whether we are doing development for 1 vehicle or for an entire fleet of vehicles we need to define all characteristics the vehicle has currently and what the expectations are that the vehicles need to achieve. Stability,ride comfort, load capacity, cornering can all be improved and controlled. Having the right SPRINGS for the vehicles working weight is what manages the load capacity, accurate SWAYBARS front and rear keep you upright, BUMP STOPS now are involved in managing the last 25% of suspension travel, SHOCK ABSORBERS are the keystone of the suspension providing control of the entire package. Tire size and pressure can have a huge affect on vehicle handling. This IS BUT A SAMPLING of our entire vehicle approach. 

Suburban Armored curb weight 9,850 lbs. 

This thing rides and drives like an old tired tank!!  is what we were told on delivery of this Suburban to our shop. Our 1st step was to weigh the truck so that we knew the total with weight bias. 2nd step was to inventory all suspension and steering components to determine what we would need to achieve the desired results. After that it came down to installing the right bump stop packages in both the front and rear, changing the sway bars and putting on the proper Bilstein 5100 series shocks, clocking the torsion adjustment when installing the new anti-sway bars took care of the ride height and sway issues. Heavy duty tie rods, pitman arm set, steering damper and sway bar end links tightened up stabilized the steering issues. Bigger multi-puck aftermarket brakes were already on this truck. and now " what an incredible difference!! This Suburban is easy to drive and doesn't scare the s... out of you at every curve and dip in the road".  This unit and a couple of the others in this area are slated to come in for door hinge work so that the armored doors stay aligned and do not destroy the door posts.
Quality components from 6 separate vendors creates a balanced suspension package

Quality components from 6 separate vendors creates a balanced suspension package