Raptor/F 150 rear chassis deformation prevention and improved handling and ride 

Raptor bent bed.JPG

Access hole for bump stop stud & nut

  For the Raptor our research has shown that if we isolate the weak point in the chassis access hole directly above the rear axle then we can manage the wheel travel with a jounce that will better progressively absorb the leverage of the longer axle rear end. Creating additional strength by tying the jounce supports together with a 1 piece crossbar, controlling the force and preventing it from directly impacting the chassis at the weakest point. 

Frame boxed in by bump stop bracket  

Frame boxed in by bump stop bracket  

  Remove the original jounce and cup, and with no welding, no removal of the bed and with basic hand tools the Raptor Enforcement jounce system when installed will provide a box around the chassis removing the vertical load entirely from an extreme weak point and distributing these forces laterally in the chassis forward and aft along with horizontally through the cross bar. Rugged terrain is better absorbed and drive ability is improved without compromising safety.

2012-13 FORD RAPTOR 4WD 4 DOOR 2012-13


                                  PART# BFM-F1R-RE KIT 

Crossbar (1)                                                                         BFM-F1R-12

Side Plates (2)                                                                    BFM-F1R-13D

(1) Driver side (1) Passenger side                                      BFM-F1R-13P

Bump Stop Plates (2)                                                        BFM-F1R-14D

(1) Driver side (1) Passenger side                                       BFM-F1R-14P

Bump Stop Spacer (2)                                                       BFM-F1R-15

Bump Stops (2)                                                                    BFM-F1R-16

Hardware kit                                                                         BFM-F1R-17

(1) Thread sealant

(2) 3/8”-16 x 2” stud                                  (2) 3/8”-16 x 3/4” hex head bolt

(10) 3/8”-16 x 1” hex head bolt                 (4) 3/8”-16 x 1¼” hex head bolt

(6) 3/8”-16 Top lock flange nut              (14) 5/16” uss G8 washer

(2) 3/8” uss wedge lock washer            (2) 7/8”-14 x 1½” hex head bolt                                                                                

(2) 7/8” Leverlock handles                                                BFM-F1R-19

            (2) 7/8”-14 Flange nut

            (2) 7/8” Klipring                     

(2) 1”-14 x 1½” hex head bolt                                                                                                           

(2) 1” Leverlock handles                                                     BFM-F1R-20

            (2) 1”-14 Flange nut

            (2) 1” Klipring                        

Coil Inserts, Front Spring                                                 BFM-F1R-18

(2) Coil inserts

Patent Pending easy installation rear bump stop system with fully boxed rear frame protection.